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A Scanner : Frequently asked questions regarding the Flip Pal ...

A Scanner : Frequently asked questions regarding the Flip Pal ...: Is Flip Pal Capable of scanning slides or negatives?  Unfortunately This Flip Pal is not for scanning slides or negatives but it is ama...

Buy the Flip Pal for the holidays

Here is a great scanner called the Flip Pal that is the great gift for anyone with pictures to scan of any size or any number.  This scanner is so fantastic for the money that you will never need another scanner once you buy a Flip Pal.  They have added so many upgrades to work without having to worry about any cables or power supply other than batteries.  The Wi-Fi and other new capabilities keep making this scanner the best best again this year. 

Imagine taking your scanner anywhere with the ability to scan anything at at anytime.  You can now do this with the Flip Pal Mobile Scanner.  Click on the Flip Pal add on the top of the page and it will take you to the very best deals for the holidays. 

The Flip-Pal Mobile scanner is a great deal

The Flip-Pal Mobile scanner is a great deal.  The price starts at 150 and right now they are offering free shipping.  If you have not seen this scanner or heard anything about how cool it is, go

Buy a Flip-Pal  as the  Rush continues

Both of these sites are great for getting the facts on the Flip-Pal.  The Couragent company recently came out with what they call the Creative suite that comes with an impressive bundle of software that would cost a fortune if purchased separately.  You can now get a great package deal for the is amazing scanner.  It also comes with the craft edition DVD and it is taking the arts and crafts world by storm.

They rolled out the Creative Suite this year on arts and crafts day and it was a great jump-start to its anticipated success.  Check out the Flip-Pal and take advantage of the free shipping offer.  You can get the entire creative suite for $199.99 and still get the free shipping.

If you are looking for Christmas Gifts this will be a huge hit.  These scanners are going to be selling like hot cakes now that people are starting to find out how it works.  It is a powerful package and it still can fit in your brief case.

Check it out. 

More on the Flip Pal Scanner for the holiday

Coming Soon From Couragent, a larger flip pal
A scanner used for portability is likely to have some differences in performance when compared to a scanner for home use.  A flatbed scanner often will give you a better quality scan or better resolution compared to a portable or mobile scanner.  However, every year the mobile scanners are getting smaller without losing their ability to make quality scans on the go. 


For Example:

The Flip Pal mobile scanner with creative suite is very small but it still makes very high quality scans.  The price and convenience of the Flip Pal more than makes up for the slightly less image quality.  The reality is that the Flip Pal will scan as good or even better than some non-portable desktop scanners that are similar in price. 

For $149.00 you can not beat the Flip pal.  There are so many advantages to buying one that you will be hard pressed to find enough reasons to make an argument for anything else when you begin shopping for a scanner. 

(BUY NOW $149.00)

A Scanner for all your scanning needs is the Flip Pal

The Flip Pal mobile scanner is a scanner for all of your scanning needs and it is a great deal.  For the money this is a scanner that will be well worth.  Right now Flip Pal has some great coupons and deals that will get you off on the right foot this holiday season.  You can buy a scanner and get a few perks by checking out the coupon deals. 

Why the Flip-Pal™ Mobile Scanner you ask? 
1. The Flip Pal is extremely portable
2. Simple and easy to use
3. A scanner that can scan both large and small objects with stitching technology
4. A scanner that runs fully independent of your computer
5.  A scanner that will scan over 200 photos on one set of batteries

If you can't believe you can get a scanner that is all of this and more for less than $150 then you need to take the time to check out the Flip-Pal Mobile Scanner HERE.  If you are wondering what to buy for those people that have everything then this is the gift for them.  You can check out all the deals now and get your scanner before everyone else while they can be shipped out right away.  If you wait to long this is a scanner that can be sold for more money easily so don't wait.  Buy today.
Make sure you beat the holiday rush and get your shopping done now. 

Save $20 when you purchase a Flip-Pal mobile scanner plus a Deluxe Flip-Pal mobile scanner Carry Case with Pocket, valid October 1-December 31. Promotion Code: C412A 

 “The Suite Life!” coupon promotion: Purchase a Flip-Pal mobile scanner with Digital Creativity Suite 3.0 DVD and get a Flip-Pal mobile scanner Cleaning Cloth and Flip-Pal Window Protector Sheets 3-Pk FREE!, valid October 1-December 31. Promotion Code: TSL12A (Please place all items in your shopping cart first before using the promotion code)